lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

Winter time

I wish you all had a great Christmas! Mine was relaxing and I ate tons of delicious food *v* I'm waiting for the end of holidays to start the diet lol. I spent most of my days with relatives so I don't have something interesting to share except some new outfits and daily life pics.

Headband Spinns - Necklace Kreepsville666 - Blouse Calliope - Sweater, skirt random stores in Japan - Tights Taobao - Shoes Ebay

 Look at how many presents there are under the three XD I have a lot of cousins eheh!

The past Saturday I met my lovely friends to exchange our christmas presents! I also got some new things in the mail and I didn't resist to wear one of them XD

Sweater Killstar - Tights, shoes Ebay - Horns Super lovers

Then my boyfriend and me were super hungry we decided to eat at the venezuelan restaurant.

Yesterday I went to Rome to meet my long time friend Flavia, I really missed her 'cause the last time we met was in summer! The day was amazing, I have no words to thank her for it! We went to a japanese all you can eat restaurant and it was so yummy, she also offered the lunch for me and my boyfriend like christmas present, she is always too sweet ToT!

We hadn't a lot of time 'cause we ate kinda late, so we decided to do some shopping! My destinations were Lush and Mac (like always lol), 'cause they have no shops in my region! After that we took a hot tea and then we came back home T_T I really hope to meet her again soon!

I hope I didn't annoy you with a daily life post like this ahah XD I hope to share soon my christmas presents (and of course recent gets!).

lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

Origami workshop

Saturday I went to an Origami Workshop with my friends (it was organized by the japanese related association Giappone in Abruzzo), it was a funny experience and I hope I can attend again something like it! Maybe I'll buy some related books in future, I really enjoyed making origami!


Ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Sweatshirt Listen Flavor - Skirt Glavil - Tights, shoes Ebay

I recently got this new wig from ebay, honestely I didn't buy this model but a darker one but the seller sent me this....I really like it anyway, even it's not what I bought XD it's really soft but the fiber is not the best, I hope it can last like my other wigs.
 Not all the origami I photographed are mine (but from my boyfriend), especially the first ones I made where kinda...horrible XD but then I got the hang of it and the result was satisfying! After the workshop I swapped some christmas presents with my friends, I got so many lovely things I can't wait to show you! I'll make a proper post after the holidays :P

giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Outfits overload

I dressed up a lot these days so I have a lot of new outfits to show you, I hope you like them! Let me know which are your favorites! Let me know also if you like this kind of "outfit resume post" or "one post - one outfit" with lots of details, I'm trying new post solutions in this period but I don't know which one is better!

Cardigan Super Lovers - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Skirt ACDC rag - Bag Glad News - Tights Taobao - Shoes Ebay

Inspired school girl outfit from two Saturdays ago. It has been long since the last time I wore this cardigan, I really love it but it's always a bit difficult for me to coordinate without thinking I made the same outfit all times ahah!

Hat h&m - Jacket, skirt Terranova - T-shirt offbrand - Tights Taobao - Boots Jeffrey Campbell - Necklace Bershka

I hadn't a special occasion for this outfit, I only found some of my old band t-shirts in my closet so I decided to put one in my coordinate. I really like the final result!

Hat h&m - Sweater Taobao - Necklace, skirt Glavil - Tights Avantgarde - Boots Jeffrey Campbell 

From the past Saturday, it was the first time I took a pic with this lovely sweater and I bought it over one year ago, really strange I forgot it!

Headband, tights, shoes Taobao - Dress Sheinside - Cardigan Glavil

Sort of spring-ish outfit with the dress I got as birthday present from my lovely friends Chiara and Grazia! I like to dress up cute and pastels sometimes even if I don't think it's the best on me, I'll be forever a lover of black, lol.

domenica 15 dicembre 2013

Haul + birthday presents

I bought a lot of things and received so many beautiful presents since my last haul post! Thanks to my birthday I was able to buy some expensive items and also these are the purchases of three months, I would like to underline this before someone asks XD. This time I decided to not include the make up products 'cause maybe you'are not interested (and okay, I was a bit lazy *coff).

My favorite engineer boots are destroyed after two years, so I decided to buy a new pair, this time with gold details! They're really comfy and cheap, I paid them only 30 euro! Inside there is also some leopard fur, they'll be my most worn shoes for winter.

It's not easy for me to find something cute in local stores, but this time I did a lot of shopping! I was searching for this cat dresses for months, finally my local h&m restocked them so it was the good chance to buy it! I also bought this cute sweater for only 10 euro, it's really soft and the print cute, I'm love with cozy sweaters in this moment ahah.

In my bag collection I hadn't a cute pochette so when I saw this one at Bershka for cheap I bought it without any doubt! The good thing is you can wear it as a shoulder bag 'cause it comes with detachable straps. There is enough space to take with you everything, I'm really satisfied with this little bag!

I also got the Boy London sweater with eagles and a super cozy and warm sweater from Bershka you already saw some posts ago! As you already know I'm in love with this kind of sweaters.

I bought the purple choker and the pastel cross during the Lucca Comics from Cute can kill (thank you Elisa, your creations are always amazing!), the other three chokers are from Taobao. I also got a bunch of new tights from Taobao but I forgot to take a pic of them.

I feel a bit shameful 'cause I bought so many bags in few time (and I have not finished yet....), but I couldn't resist to Glad News bags, they're just amazing! I was really lucky to find them on auction 'cause they're sold out everywhere!

I fell in love with this Jouetie dress long time ago, I was so happy I finally got it! It's really soft and the back is really cute with the tulle and the velvet ribbon! This brand has a lot of amazing pieces, especially for everyday, I really hope I can buy something from them again!
And now let's start with the birthday presents!

This coat was in my wishlist since the first time I saw it, I was so happy my mum gave me the money to buy it for my birthday! It has a lot of details and it's really warm 'cause inside there is a detachable pile layer so you can use it also when the weather is warmer! I used it during these super cold days with rain and snow and I can say it's the warmest coat I ever tried!
A little collage with some presents I got from my friends! Thank you so much to you all, I love everything and I can't wait to wear/try all of them! ( Dress from Sheinside, nailpolishes from Pupa, Ribbon bracelet from Jucca).

My dad said me he wanted to buy a new bag for me (he didn't know I bought 3 bags in few months, lol), so I chose a totally different bag from the italian brand Coccinelle, 'cause I was a bit tired of my Armani bag and I wanted something more elegant! It's simple and cute, what I was searching for this type of bag, the material is really soft and it's really light and comfy to take around!

I know I bought a lot of things XD  I would like to buy more dresses the next months 'cause I concentrated mostly on accessories and coats in this period, I'm still waiting another parcel from my shopping service, I can't wait to receive it!

mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

Review: black wig from

A new review for! They were really kind to send me another item I could choose from their large selection, this time I took a black lolita wig and they also sent me two cute bracelets! I fell in love with the wig the first time I saw it on the model, it's so cute and I thought it would be amazing with gothic lolita outfits!

The wig has a really nice quality, you could think it's real hair when you see it in real life! It's super soft and the curls well done, it's perfect for a lot of different styles but I think it's amazing on gothic lolita or gothic related styles! I only cut the bangs but you can keep it naturally if you like a side bangs. The color is a natural black with a dark brown undertone. You can find it HERE. Some pictures wearing it:

As you can see in these pictures I also wear this blouse I already reviewed from!

Some full outfits pics:


 Headband, necklace,shoes Taobao - Blouse, wig - Skirt, socks Moi Meme Moitie

They also sent me two braceletes from their large selection: the first one is cute but I don't really like the yellow line, if it was all made with the antique gold material it would have been perfect for my taste! The second one is absolutely my favorite, it suits a lot of different styles and I love wearing it when I dress up pastel goth. Both bracelets have a really good quality! You can find them HERE and HERE.

What do you think about these items? I really like them and all the things I got from this shop have a good quality, I really recommend them! Their wigs are my favorite items in all the selection, you can find a lot of different styles and colors, check this link if you want to see all of them!

lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

Review: Geo Nudy Blue

 I received a new pair of lenses from Geocolouredlenses a few days ago, they were really kind to sponsor me again and this time I got the Geo nudy blue, I already wrote a review of this lens series in grey some months ago (check it if you miss it!) so I was sure this pair will be amazing too! This are absolutely my favorite lenses from Geo! I would like to remember (if you missed in the previous posts) that Geocolouredlenses sells only genuine lenses and they also offer free shipping with any purchase! And almost all lenses come with prescription!

In every order you'll receive a cute lens case, the business card of the shop and also the istructions to take care of your lenses!

Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

 The lenses have a cool design and a vibrant color that suits really well dark eyes (I'm sure it will be amazing on blue or green eyes), also if the color is really light! The final effect is natural and in real life you can't see the difference between your eyes and the lenses, they're my favorite lenses ever! They give a nice enlargement without a big diameter, could you say they're only 14,2? As all the Geo lenses they're super comfortable also with sensitive eyes like mine!

Color 5/5: the color is really lovely and vibrant also on dark eyes!
Design 4/5: really cute design that blends nicely the eyes.
Enlargement 4/5: they have a little diameter but they give a nice natural enlargement.
Comfort 5/5: super comfy as all the Geo lenses!

- vibrant color and nice design
- super comfortable lenses
- perfect for a natural look
- available with prescription

- not suitable for who is searching for a big enlargement effect

 Don't forget to use the code " vanillasyndrome10 " to get a special 10% discount on every order!

giovedì 5 dicembre 2013

5th Harajuku Pescara Fashion Walk

On Saturday there was the 5th fashion walk in Pescara organized by my friends and me! The weather was really freezing 'cause it's already winter here in Italy, but the day was quite good with sun in the early afternoon! Sadly there were less people than the other ones, but I know winter time is kinda a problem for a lot of people, I fought it with a fur coat and double tights ahah! All pictures are from Daniele Nicolucci.

Headband Lockshop - Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem - Coat, shoes, bag Glad News - Tights Ebay

 I didn't know what to wear for the occasion so I went with my usual cozy look with lot of layers and platform shoes.

Some group pics:

If you want to see more pics about the walk and the outfits check our official page!

I hope we could organize a new walk soon, and I really hope the weather will be a bit warmer next time!

domenica 1 dicembre 2013

Only one

Just one new outfit from the last days, I hadn't special programs and I spent all days studying for my incoming exam, but when I can I always want to dress up cute!


Headband Lockshop - Necklace Monomania - Sweater Listen Flavor - Skirt Glavil - Tights, shoes Ebay

I love this sweater, it's so special and unique, I really need to buy something new from Listen Flavor when I'll have the chance! I'm working on my haul/birthday presents post in this moment, are you interested in a new lockshop review? I didn't make a new one for the last two wigs I bought some months ago, let me know!

lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Birthday tea party

 Saturday I organized a little meeting with my friends for my birthday, nothing really special but I wanted to celebrate it with them too! We went to our favorite bar 'cause I don't have enough chairs and space in my new home to organize a tea party (but I hope I can solve!) so we went there and ate and drunk hot tea and hot chocolate!

Jsk Aatp - Blouse,shoes, hair accessory Taobao - Jacket BPN - Tights Calzedonia

My outfit for the day! I still enjoy a lot wearing lolita clothes, I really need to buy some new ones 'cause I'm a bit bored of my other dresses, it's like 6 months I don't buy something lolita related. Nicola came to my home early (when I was still in pajama and without make up ahahah) so then we went together to Pescara.

Some group pics!

I also received beautiful presents, I'm so happy ToT thank you so much lovelies! I'll probably make a post with my last purchases and presents if you want to see them!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who visited and followed my blog, it has recently hit 100.000 views, they are so many I didn't expect it, thank you to all!